Lego Serious Play is a moderated workshop process that is tailored to your question, but follows a clear system.

The process follows five simple steps:

Your question - construction of models - exchange of models - reflection & documentation - implementation.

The method was developed at Lego in the 1990s. The company was in big trouble at the time due to drastic changes in the market - computer games became popular at the time.

With the focus on core competency, they developed the construction of models and the mapping of ideas into models, a method for the development of strategies and ideas in teamwork.

Lego thus managed its own turn-around and is still considered a model company when it comes to its own development processes and customer focus.

The method has been continuously refined since then. She uses scientific knowledge from educational research and psychology (constructionism, creative imagination, hand-brain connection & implicit knowledge, flow theory) for a solid foundation.


  • ​100% participation of each participant

  • Making complex relationships tangible using models

  • Create a common understanding of the facts in the team

  • Tangible ideas and results that are deeply rooted in your own context

  • Tailored to your question. Following a clear and comprehensible system

  • A process that goes far beyond mere articulation through language

  • Bring and visualize implicit knowledge

  • Promotion and promotion of both halves of the brain

  • Entertaining and interactive format with lots of ideas and new perspectives

  • Use existing knowledge in the company and put it in a new context

  • Criticism based on models, not on people

  • Promotion and creation of logical & emotional connections to complex problems



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